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We developed thousands of templates to support these 100+ engines. xBoter can automatically and quickly choose a suitable template to run for one from millions of sites.

xBoter can support new kinds of captchas such as calculation captchas, question captchas, photo captchas, text captchas and much more.

xBoter can smartly extract and process password or activation code in an Email sent by registered sites. Therefore, much more high quality sites are supported.

As xBoter is IE based to simulate real users’ action on sites, it could pass their monitoring mechanism.

You will never worry about proxy IPs when scraping massive resource from search engines. Besides that, we support you to look up your competitors' backlinks.

No need to set any crawling rules, you could collect content from any sites according to your keywords, and automatically break up these content to sentences storeed in database, then finally form new readable articles.

You could make search engines' spiders and robots to totally index your posts faster.

Everyday, you could easily know about every keyword's rank of every site, and whether sites are punished by search engines or not.

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We are running 500+ PCs based on 100+ Broadbands to scrape, test & filter usable sites resource
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